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This is the final version of the german-style contract prepared jointly by the MoVimento Cinque Stelle and Lega. This document contains the key objectives to be achieved in the next legislative period by the joint effort of the two parties. It is a radical innovation in Italian policymaking. It was ratified online by almost 45.000 supporters of the Movimento in a one-day consultation through the portal
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Alfonso Bonafede give details on the "bribe destroyer bill" and of the reaction by "Greco", the Council of Europe's group against corruption.
Economic measures for youth and university
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Details on some aspects of the proposed economic measure that target youth, university and research.
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Highlights on the anti-corruption law presented by the Five Star Movement
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A list of inaccuracies and/or inventions reported by mainstream media on the Five Star Movement
#iononcicasco #idontfallforit
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In this post the Five Star Movement clarifies why mainstream media outlets in Italy (La Repubblica, Il Giornale, La Stampa, Il Messaggero, Canale 5, Italia Uno, La7...) consistently misrepresent and delegitimize the Five Star Movement either by spreading fake information or by amplifying minor events to disproportionate dimensions. Abroad, media outlet like Politico in Brussels employ the same reporters and journalists that work with Italian mainstream media, giving a very partial view of the Five Star Movement.
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Information on the decree for fiscal peace
Maria Edera Spadoni
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Maria Edera Spadoni gives an updates of all the measures taken by the government to support women
The map of Benettons' power
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After the collapse of the Genoa bridge, the Minister of Infrastructures, Mr. Dario Toninelli, published online the economic terms of the concessions that previous governments signed with Atlantia S.p.A., the Italian holding company operating toll motorways and airports. Atlantia's primary asset is Autostrade per l'Italia, the largest concessionaire on the Italian autostrade network, and Benetton is one of Atlantia's main stakeholders. In this article, the Five Star Movement brings light on the relationships among Atlantia, the Benetton family and the media system in Italy. This article will help to understand why an important part of Italian mainstream media has been covering not just Autostrade per l'Italia's responsibilities in the maintenance of the Italian highway network, but also the thick network of favours among media, politics and businesses.