European Elections, Di Maio presents its first allies.
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The vice-premier reveals the manifesto and the other 4 political forces that "took up the challenge" to form a new group in the EU Parliament: the novelty is the Greek party Akkel. The French protest movement was absent, after the words of leader Chalencon on the "paramilitaries ready to bring down the government". He denies and says: "My words exploited and misrepresented".
Activists of the Five Star Movement

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The Italian institute of Statistics announces that, in Italy, in March 2019 the number of employees increased by 60,000 compared to February and by 114,000 compared to March 2018, especially for stable contracts (+44,000); and unemployment has fallen to 10.2%, especially among young people and women. From January to March 2019, after the adjustment of the Dl Dignity in force since November, employment grew over the previous three months (+0.2%, equal to +46 thousand), the number of temporary employees fell (-1.0%, -31 thousand), the number of independent employees increased (+0.3%, +14 thousand) and especially permanent employees (+0.4%, +64 thousand). This article from Marco Travaglio of the Il Fatto Quotidiano gives an overview of the extreme bias against the Five Star Movement by mainstream media, key political figures and economic actors.
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Luigi di Maio speaks to the Yellow Vests.
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Alfonso Bonafede give details on the "bribe destroyer bill" and of the reaction by "Greco", the Council of Europe's group against corruption.
Economic measures for youth and university
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Details on some aspects of the proposed economic measure that target youth, university and research.
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Highlights on the anti-corruption law presented by the Five Star Movement
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A list of inaccuracies and/or inventions reported by mainstream media on the Five Star Movement
#iononcicasco #idontfallforit
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In this post the Five Star Movement clarifies why mainstream media outlets in Italy (La Repubblica, Il Giornale, La Stampa, Il Messaggero, Canale 5, Italia Uno, La7...) consistently misrepresent and delegitimize the Five Star Movement either by spreading fake information or by amplifying minor events to disproportionate dimensions. Abroad, media outlet like Politico in Brussels employ the same reporters and journalists that work with Italian mainstream media, giving a very partial view of the Five Star Movement.
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Information on the decree for fiscal peace