Danilo Toninelli

A '5 Stars' DNA for a strictly political profile: Danilo Toninelli, born in 1974, born in Soresina in the province of Cremona, scientific high school in Manerbio and degree in Law in Brescia, residing in Castelleone, he leads the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport with a last-minute move after a personal journey of growth in the M5s. He is a second term parliamentarian; in the previous legislature he was a member of the Committee for the regulation, and the key man of the Five Stars in the Constitutional Affairs Committee of Montecitorio, of which he was vice president.

"I can proudly say that I participated in the front line, first in the Commission and in the House and then among the people and in the squares, to the battle against the Renzi-Boschi reform and to the historic and fundamental victory of December 4", says of such experience on the Rosseau platform proposing himself for the Senate candidacy. Elected this year in Lombardy, he moved to the Senate where he is today whip of the M5s group. And it is thanks to this role that in recent weeks he joined Luigi Di Maio in the consultations at the Quirinale for the formation of the new government.

He was officer in charge of the Arma dei Carabinieri in Turin from 1999 to 2001, then technical insurance inspector from 2002 to 2013 in Bergamo and Brescia. He moved to the political career joining the 5 Stelle Movement: activist since 2009 he founded the group in Crema. Married, two children, before arriving in Parliament he had already been nominated twice in his region without being elected: at the regional elections in Lombardy in 2010 as a councilor for the Province of Cremona, and at the administrative elections in 2012 as a councilor in Crema. "I have no personal ambitions" but "of course I am always available" he replied in recent days to those who asked him if he was running for a post as Minister of the new Government Lega-M5s.

Translated from ANSA

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The message of Minister Toninelli at the conference of Federcostruzioni