The Government of change: all the ministers.

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The official list of Conte's "Government of Change", led by Movimento Cinque Stelle and Lega.

Here is the yellow-green government [TN from the official colors of M5S and Lega] led by Professor Giuseppe Conte: after eighty-eight long days of negotiations, vetoes, breaks and convergences, the M5S-League executive sees the light.

Here is the list of 18 ministers, including 5 women, ready to swear at the Quirinale on June 1 at 4pm.

The team of Professor Giuseppe Conte under the direction of the two majority shareholders Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini.

President of the Council: Giuseppe Conte

Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council: Giancarlo Giorgetti

Minister of Economy: Giovanni Tria

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Enzo Moavero Milanesi

Minister of the Interior: Matteo Salvini (vice premier)

Minister of Economic Development and Labor: Luigi Di Maio (vicepremier)

Minister for Relations with the Parliament: Riccardo Fraccaro

Minister of European Affairs: Paolo Savona

Minister of Defense: Elisabetta Trenta

Minister of Justice: Alfonso Bonafede

Minister of Public Administration: Giulia Bongiorno

Minister of Health: Giulia Grillo

Minister of Regional Affairs: Erika Stefani

Minister of the South: Barbara Lezzi

Minister of the Environment: Sergio Costa

Minister for the Disabled and the Family: Lorenzo Fontana

Minister of Agriculture: Gian Marco Centinaio

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure: Danilo Toninelli

Minister of Education: Marco Bussetti

Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism: Alberto Bonisoli

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