Migrants, Italy is no longer alone

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ANSA reporting the words of Giuseppe Conte on the EU agreement on migrants

(ANSA) - BRUSSELS, JUNE 29 - "From today Italy is no longer alone, a more responsible and more supportive Europe emerges from this European Council". This was stated by Prime Minister Conte, leaving the work of the EU summit.
In the final document approved by the EU "a new approach has been adopted regarding the rescues at sea: from now on we foresee actions based on sharing and therefore coordinated actions among the member states". The proposal of "reception centers to allow the landing and if appropriate the transit of migrants also in third countries" is adopted. In Europe it is also possible to create reception centers within the member states, but only on a voluntary basis ". In the document approved by the EU "is affirmed the principle that who arrives in Italy arrives in Europe and that all the ships arriving in the Mediterranean, including the NGOs, must respect the law and must not interfere with the Libyan Coast Guard".

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