Alfonso Bonafede

Sicilian by birth, Tuscan by adoption, congressman Alfonso Bonafede is one of the most trusted parliamentarians and one of the closest to the political leader of the MoVimento, Luigi Di Maio. He was part of the Five Star Movement's political directorate in the last legislature and, once the body was dissolved, he acted as an interface with parliamentarians, Beppe Grillo and Davide Casaleggio. A lawyer, he was was born in Mazara del Vallo on July 2, 1976, but from 1995 he lives in Florence where he graduated in Law and where he remained in the university as a collaborator and lecturer of Private Law. Here he met Giuseppe Conte, professor of private law in the same university. It was Bonafede who introduced Conte to the M5s.

In 2006 he obtained a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Law of the University of Pisa and started his  independent bureau at the Court of Florence.

His political activity began in 2006 when he joined the group of 'Friends of Beppe Grillo' of the Florence Meet-up. Three years later he ran for the municipal elections of Florence against Matteo Renzi, collecting only 1.8%. Candidate as head of the Chamber for M5s in the district of Tuscany as "most voted" to online parliamentarians, received 227 votes out of a total of 1,300 throughout the region. During the 2013 political elections he enters parliament as a member. Throughout the legislature he holds the role of vice president of the justice commission.

As a member, he promoted the law on class action that was approved by the House and then rejected in the Senate. In 2016 together with Riccardo Fraccaro and Giancarlo Cancelleri he joins the group designed by Di Maio, then responsible for the local bodies of the Movement, to coordinate and support the municipalities governed by Cinquestelle. He focused on the center and Sardinia and then on Rome. He is also responsible for the 'Scudo della rete' function on the Rousseau platform. In the elections of March 2018, once again a candidate for the Chamber in the single-member constituency of Florence-Novoli-Peretola, he was introduced by Di Maio as the Minister of Justice of the M5S government. He said: 'Reform of wiretapping is madness. Statute of limitations? We need more magistrates. And again: 'A new prison plan is needed'.

Translated and adapted from ANSA

Contextual information from the translator: 
Alfonso Bonafede give details on the "bribe destroyer bill" and of the reaction by "Greco", the Council of Europe's group against corruption.