Elisabetta Trenta

Expert analyst on issues of defense and security, experiences in hot theaters such as Iraq, Lebanon and Libya, a degree in political sciences with major in economics, two masters and a passion for Argentine salsa and tango. It is the curriculum of Elisabetta Trenta, the Minister of Defense of the Government of Change. Captain of the selected reserve of the administrative body and commissioner of the Army, the new holder of via XX Settembre speaks four languages ​​- Italian, English, French and Russian - and knows well the world of Defense: between 2005 and 2006 was both adviser for the mission 'Ancient Babylon 9' for the Ministry of Defense, and 'senior expert' in the Task force Iraq, in Nassirya, for the Farnesina.

In 2009 she was recalled in service as captain of the Reserve in the Unifil mission in Lebanon and in 2012 she coordinated a project in Libya for the reduction of illegal armaments. She is also deputy director of the Master in Intelligence and Security of Link Campus University, and has collaborated with the Military Center for Strategic Studies (CEMISS) for which she has curated the research "Le guerre per proxy".

Trenta, according to her curriculum, she is engaged in social work through two associations of which she is vice-president: 'Children of Nassiriya Onlus', which carries out projects in Iraq, and the 'Flauto Magico'.

Translated in part from ANSA

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