government 2018

Contextual information from the translator: 
After the general elections of March 4, 2018 an ill-conceived electoral law does not indicate a clear winner. The three key actors are the Five Star Movement, the political movement which received the majority of the votes; the Lega-led coalition of right-wing parties (which includes Berlusconi) and the Democratic party. An agreement must be found among any two of the three parties in order for any government to be formed. The alternative is to return to elections. To facilitate the creation of a government, the leader of the Five Star Movement commissions a scientific study on differences and convergences among the programs and a first draft of agreement to be considered by the other two parties. The objective is to formally agree by writing on how to work together on the resolution of the more pressing issues for the country. The study and the agreement are translated below. This approach is a "first time" in the democratic history of Italy.